What is Primebank Coin

Primebank Coin is a new and innovative platform giving investors a powerful tool to generate wealth. Simply hold tokens and as each hour passes the value of Primebank Coin tokens increase. Join Free Airdrop for future profit

Primebank Coin is a fun, stylish, fast ERC-20 cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. Primebank Coin provides a refreshing note of humor from the seriousness in the cryptocurrency market. Primebank Coin (PMC) coins will be awarded based on PMC meme creations. The goal of Primebank Coin is to create a community between buyers and sellers that creates fun and creative profitability. PMC value is based on the community and entertainment value of the product. The more people that value the token, the higher the price.

PMC Token Value

Our unique business model is simple, the price of PMC tokens increase hourly. This price increase is released to the market yearly in advance PMC token growth. Investors are able to invest with a high level of confidence as they can see exactly what that value will be at a set time in the future. Any time PMC tokens are sold we burn 1% out of circulation. This is what creates the underlying value of PMC tokens.
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Primebank Coin Wallet

Compatible Wallets

Only use an Ethereum address that supports ERC-20 tokens. No exchange Ethereum address. Exchanges don't support deposits from smart contracts.

Unique Exchange Concept

Traditional exchanges just don’t work with the concept of a fixed price increase. We’ve radically rethought the fundamentals of exchange and come up with a long term investment model that works while also creating a thriving trading environment for the Primebank Coin community. The solution is an exchange that resets hourly, the price is fixed and consumers exchange BTC and PMC on a first come first serve basis. At the end of the trading session all buy and sell orders are reset and the price is increased. All users have an equal chance to buy or cash out at whatever level they want, if you happen to miss out, there is always the next hour of trade.


Token name: Primebank Coin, Symbol: PMC, Decimal: 8 , Token Type: ERC20, Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 , Contract address: 0x767588059265d2a243445dd3f23DB37B96018dD5

Sent 0 Ether To 0x767588059265d2a243445dd3f23DB37B96018dD5 Enjoy Instant 1200 PMC Token

First Mover Advantage

Primebank Coin has a clear advantage and unique opportunity to grab market share quickly. Through exclusive partnerships with promoters and networkers globally we are taking an aggressive approach to ensure that we have a exclusive market of buyers and sellers and that we stay ahead of the competition and copy cats.

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